Kyiv honey


    • 3 kg of honey
    • 6 l (liter) of water
    • 80 g of hops
    • 1 tsp of tea
    • 1 cup of water


Mix honey with water thoroughly. Bring the mass to boil and cook it for 3 hours. Place hops in a little cloth bag. Dip the bag into the pan with honey. Cover the lid and boil the ingredients for 1 hour. Then add boiling water to preserve the former amount of liquid. Bring the honey to boil again, turn off the fire and cover the pan with a piece of linen. Set it aside for a while.

Next filter the warm honey through a piece of cheesecloth and pour it in a jar. Cover the jar and put it in a cold place for 3 weeks. Check whether the fermentation is finished or not. If the fermentation is not finished, wait 1 more day, if it is finished, add tea essence (cooked from a good tea and a cup of boiling water). Stir the mass and filter it carefully.

Pour out honey in bottles and cork them up. The more time honey is drawn – the more delicious taste it has.

Enjoy your meal!