Top 20 tastiest cuisines in the world


Everyone has their own favorite cook: for many of us, it’s a mom, dad, grandma, or other loved ones. And the taste of the dishes they prepare always gives joy and soul warmth. However, do you know in which countries the most delicious food is cooked? According to the Yonderbound rating, there are 20 of them, including Ukraine.


1)  Vietnam

The main ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine are fish sauces and pasta, fruits and vegetables, rice, and spices. So it is not surprising that this cuisine is considered not only one of the most delicious but also one of the healthiest in the Asian region.

When visiting Vietnam, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – goi cuon (spring roll with pork, shrimp or crab), banh mi (sandwich with veggies and omelet), and banh xeo (pancakes).

Drinks – jasmine tea, local beer, strong iced coffee, and cold lemon tea.


2)  Greece

The national Greek cuisine belongs to the classic Mediterranean ones so it has many common features with dishes from France, Italy, and Balkan Peninsula countries. Curious gastronomic specialty: almost every recipe includes olive oil.

When visiting Greece, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – moussaka (dish made of eggplant or potato), salad (Greek restaurants call “salad” the dish that we used to eat as a Greek salad), souvlaki (small kebabs).

Drinks – ouzo and tsipouro.


3)  Italy

The traditional colors of the Italian flag – white, green and red – best of all describe the gastronomic taste of this country. Most dishes include dough, tomatoes, and greens.

When visiting Italy, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – pizza, pasta, caprese, and panna cotta.

Drinks –  red, white and sparkling wine, limoncello, and San Pellegrino sparkling water.


4)  Pakistan

As Pakistan is a Muslim country, there is no pork or alcohol in its traditional cuisine. The dishes are prepared mainly from chicken, beef, fish, and vegetables, using a large number of spices.

When visiting Pakistan, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – tandoori (roasted chicken), roti (local bread), and dhal (lentil stew).

Drinks – lassi (yogurt drink).


5)  Philippines

The authentic Filipino cuisine is based on a mix of various flavors of foods from different countries. The most influential were American, Chinese, Indian, and Spanish cuisines.

When visiting Philippines, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – adobo (chicken in garlic), torta (omelet), and puchero (beef cooked with tomatoes and bananas).

Drinks – palm wine or Ginebra San Miguel gin.


6)  Thailand

Like most Asian national recipes, Thai cuisine involves the use of rice as the basis for many dishes. In Thai, the word “food” also has the meaning “to eat rice.”

When visiting Thailand, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – pad thai (rice and noodles), tom yam goong (soup with lemongrass, shrimps, and chili), and som tam (spicy papaya salad).

Drinks – different types of beer, Sang Som (sugarcane rum)


7)  Japan

Japanese dishes are known to everyone: sushi, rolls, noodles, etc. But in addition to the recipes themselves, the Japanese pay a lot of attention to the culture of cooking and serving process. They made the entire world eat with chopsticks).

When visiting Japan, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – tempura (deep-fried dishes), wagashi (bean paste sweets), and tonkatsu (deep-fry pork cutlets).

Drinks – Sake, tea, and Yakitori beer.


8)  Ukraine

Different soups, meat and vegetable dishes, and bakery – it’s all about Ukrainian national cuisine. Once you taste it, you’ll feel an amazing and sometimes unexpected mix of flavors.

When visiting Ukraine, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – borsch (meat and beet soup), varenyky (kind of ravioli stuffed with, for example, potatoes, cabbage, cherry), and zrazy (beef cutlets with different fillings).

Drinks – cranberry juice, black tea, and gorilka (homemade vodka).


9)  China

Today you can try Chinese cuisine anywhere, but keep in mind: there are modern dishes and there are true, authentic ones. To get acquainted with the real gastronomic culture of China, you need to try the old recipes.

When visiting China, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – tofu (soy cheese), bird’s nest soup, chop suey (vegetable and meat or shrimp stir-fry), and noodles (can be made from just about anything).

Drinks – tea, traditional Chinese beer.


10)  India

Indians do not eat beef because the cow is a sacred animal to them. Also, a large part of the population is vegetarians so traditional dishes mostly include vegetables, rice, cheeses, and a lot of spices and sauces. By the way, alcohol is difficult to find in all states, only Goa sells it without restrictions.

When visiting India, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – paneer butter masala (the most popular Indian dish made from tomato puree, cream, and spices) and aloo gobi (cauliflower and potato side dish).

Drinks – Masala tea, Old Monk rum, and Kingfisher beer.


11)  Spain

This is a country for real foodies who love seafood, vegetables, and sauces. In addition to the gourmet cuisine, street food culture is also very popular.

When visiting Spain, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – paella (Spanish risotto), tapas (a snack), and jamon (row cured meat).

Drinks – local beer, sangria.


12)  France

Exquisite, elegant, and incomparable – it is the French cuisine that is known for its ability to satisfy the taste of even the most discerning gourmet. From croissants with coffee to flavorful blue cheese, every dish here is a work of art.

When visiting France, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – the whole variety of sausages, bouillabaisse (fish soup), tartar (raw meat or fish served with olive oil), and croque-monsieur (hot sandwich with egg, ham, and cheese). 

Drinks – wine of all kinds and sorts and of different years.


13)  Mexico

It is a warm, sunny country with bright landscapes and traditions, so its national cuisine is very diverse. One can not imagine Mexican dishes without corn, chili, beans, tomatoes, dough and of course traditional tequila.

When visiting Mexico, it’s worth to try: 

Disheschili con carne (spicy tomato and meat soup), tacos (crispy chips), quesadilla (avocado and meat wrap), enchilada (Mexican lasagna), and guacamole (avocado dip).

Drinks – tequila and cocktail Margarita.


14)  Switzerland

The modern Swiss cuisine can be characterized by a wonderful mix of flavors of neighboring cuisines: German, Italian, and French. But this country has something more to be proud of apart from its world-famous cheeses and chocolate.

When visiting Switzerland, it’s worth to try: 

Dishesla fondue (melted cream cheese where bread is dipped), La longeole (Geneva sausages), potato Les Röstis (potato pancakes), and chocolate of all kinds and forms. 

Drinks – wine, absinthe, and Rivella (carbonated drink based on lactose).


15)  Portugal

“Such a small country but with such a rich and delicious cuisine!” – this is the way tourists describe Portugal cuisine when they taste traditional restaurant dishes and modern street food for the first time.

When visiting Portugal, it’s worth to try: 

Dishesbacalhau (raw fish in the marinade), Pateis de Natal (sweet pastries), and francesinha (sandwich). 

DrinksVinho Douro (local wine), port wine.


16)  South Korea

Koreans love food: it is not only a daily necessity for them but also an opportunity to spend time with friends and family. Instead of the usual phrase, “How are you?” they ask “Have you already eaten?” And if you haven’t eaten, you will definitely be invited to visit a restaurant to still hunger.

When visiting South Korea, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – kimchi (fermented vegetables, most often cabbage), kongguksu (cold noodle soup), and jokbal (pig’s feet).

Drinkssoju (Korean liquor), tea, local light beer.


17)  Sweden

First of all, Sweden is known for the world-famous IKEA network. But tables and chairs are not the only things the Swedes are good at. In general, their food is simple but striking in contrasting tastes.

When visiting Sweden, it’s worth to try: 

DishesÄrtsoppa (pea soup), raggmunk (potato pancakes), and kanelbulle (cinnamon roll).

Drinksmulled wine.


18)  Montenegro

Montenegrin recipes have an Italian flavor and a French assortment of baked goods. Cheeses, meat, wines, and spirits occupy an important place in the heart of the locals. This national cuisine is particularly true in winter when you so want to warm up after the cold.

When visiting Montenegro, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – polenta (corn dish), stuffed peppers (peppers stuffed with meat and veggies and then grilled), skorup (salted cottage cream), and plieskavitsa (grilled meat mix).

Drinks Boza (a fermented drink), Turkish coffee.


19)  Australia

It would seem, what culinary history this continent and country have? But Australia will surprise you with its culinary masterpieces and unexpected mix of tastes. In addition to the tendency to culture mixes, the Australian national cuisine is known for local specialties like crocodile, kangaroo, and ostrich meat.

When visiting Australia, it’s worth to try: 

Dishesvegemite (pasta with veggies and spices). cheesymite scroll (bread made of vegemite), and Melbourne chicken.

Drinks Billy tea, coffee, wine, and beer.


20)  USA

The modern American cuisine is truly universal: everyone will find a dish to their liking from a wide gastronomic range. The mix of flavors and cultures is the basis of American national recipes.

When visiting the USA, it’s worth to try: 

Dishes – Caesar salad, cheesecake, and mac & cheese (the American version of Italian pasta).

Drinks Starbucks coffee, whiskey, and beer.

And what cuisine of the world do you like the most?

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