Roasted potatoes with anchovies – Ukrainian-style dinner

Golden-brown potato slices, fragrant with pepper and herbs, served with salted anchovies, piquant red onion rings, and juicy lettuce leaves. Isn't your mouth watering already? Such a product combination is rather popular in Ukraine. It’s one of the typical, traditional ideas for Ukrainian dinner.

Rich in taste, whole salted anchovies add a piquant note to potatoes baked in a classic way, making the dish savory.

Powerful in its simplicity, this dish provides a great cooking experience. What is more, it is EXTREMELY easy to make and looks appetizing and festive. So you can use the recipe not only in your everyday menu but also cook it for a party or event.

Bright serving. Amazing taste combinations. Minimum cooking time.



3 big potatoes

1/3 bunch of lettuce leaves

1 red bulb onion

3 slices of brown bread

300 g (10,5 oz) whole salted anchovies


Black peppercorns – to taste

Ground red pepper – to taste

Dried herbs – to taste

1,5 – 2 tbsp of olive oil



Wash potatoes under running water thoroughly. Cut them into thin circles and arrange in a bowl. Grind black peppercorns into a coarse powder with a pestle and mortar. Toss potatoes with black and red pepper. Add dried herbs. Pour olive oil above and mix everything thoroughly.

Take a baking tray. Cover it with foil and arrange potato slices one by one on the tray.


Put the potato in an oven and bake it until crisp and cooked through, around 30-40 minutes.

Peel, wash, and cut the bulb onion into circles. Rinse lettuce leaves and let them dry.


Now let’s arrange all the components in a beautiful composition. Put potato slices from one side of a plate. Place anchovies on the other side and decorate them with onion circles. Arrange lettuce leaves in the center of the plate. Add several slices of brown bread at the end.

Make several other plates for your family members of guests.

Serve at once!


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