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Pork stew with beer

Shaslik-iz-svinini-na-pive-шашлык-из-свинины-на-пивеPork stew with beer is a dainty dish which can cook even those who have no culinary abilities. The meat is soft and tender while it is frying and stewing in beer at the same time....

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Vereshchaka (Ukrainian meat recipe)

910ece8ba97ba2ec20ea997e3c6eae91Vereshchaka – is one of the ancient recipes of the Ukrainian cuisine. In fact this dish is pork stewed with onion in a beetroot sauce. The meat is savoury, tender and with a bit of sourness.

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Pork and vegetable stew

article1898We recommend the recipe for toothsome pork, potato, carrot, red beans, and onion stew. This nourishinh dish in pots should be served right off the stove.


  • 600 g...
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