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A salad based on vegetables, for instance, cabbage, tomatoes, potato, and so on. Ukrainian cuisine is rich for tasty vegetable salads. Pay attention to salads with seasoned ingredients because this is the most nutritious food!

Rice, chicken and vegetable salad

Salad-with-rice-chicken-and-vegetablesStart your morning with a healthy rice, chicken, and vegetable salad which will give you energy and strength for the whole day.

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Salad “Meadow”

1357881294_polyanaToday we cook a bright, colourful, and funny salad, which will definitely appreciate your children. You can engage your kids to help you with cooking. In that case some new interesting ideas may appear while making...

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Vegetable salad with veal

410_11_11_2012_936This veal salad with tomato, cucumber, and beans is rather rich and tasty. The dish is healthy, while it doesn’t contain any fried components. At the same time the good combination of vegetables and veal gives the...

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